Take hygiene in hand wherever you go.

Hand sanitizer solutions for every environment.


Everywhere we live, work and play, we’re now learning to watch what we touch. And while some industries — healthcare, pharmaceutical labs, and food preparation — have always emphasized preventative hand hygiene, many others are just beginning to grasp its importance.

Daily life requires a hand sanitizer that works everywhere. 

Our Solutions

Botanif hand sanitizer is available in multiple sizes and shapes designed to meet the needs of every environment. We provide tested, safe solutions for personal use, office installation, warehouses and more — at any scale.

  • Hand Sanitizer Spray (2 oz., 4oz., 12 oz. and 16 oz.)
  • Hand Sanitizer Refill (3 liter)
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with easy-to-install bag

Pure. Tested. Proven.

Botanif began when our parent company GaXtracts saw an immediate health need that they could help meet. With roots deep in biosciences, pharmaceuticals and agriculture, GaXtracts is committed to purity. So we test relentlessly, evaluate data and results impartially, and use the information as part of our continuous drive to craft the purest product.

We formulate our sanitizer using only the best ingredients for the job.

And every ingredient has a serious job to do, or we find a way to cut it. We leave nothing but the essence of what works. Every sanitizer we make contains:

  • 80% ethyl alcohol
  • 0% harmful additives that can be absorbed through the skin.
  • 0% methanol (toxic wood alcohol)


Formulated using FDA-approved guidelines1

Botanif hand sanitizer is safe for both medical and professional applications. We partner with companies across multiple industries — in both branded and white-label agreements — to bring their employees and customers the best hand hygiene possible.

While we think that our sanitizer is better than much of what is out there now, that’s not what we set out to prove.

The key to producing a superior hand sanitizer lies in adopting pharmaceutical-grade standards, hiring top-flight chemists and securing best-in-class manufacturing facilities. For us, it comes down to selecting the people, formulas, processes, and equipment that are already known for gold-standard quality.

Ready to ship now.
At the scale of your business.

No hand sanitizer, no matter how impressively formulated, makes a difference if you can’t get it. We can manufacture at any scale, and we prove it as we regularly supply high-demand customers with shipments ranging from a single pallet to a full truckload. Whether it’s the leading name in hot-pink ridesharing, or one of the largest membership warehouse chains, we make sure Botanif is on hand — for all hands.